Camps 2

“Ask any girl what she likes most about Girl Scouting; for sure, each will say the it is CAMPING she likes most. We often say that the heart and soul of Girl Scouting is camping. It is what makes Girl Scouting different from other youth organizations. Lord Baden-Powell, in his vision for the development and character formation of young people, thought of Camping as that method which young people can use to test their individual personal and interpersonal skills.

The beautiful part of camping is its being in the out-of-doors. Campers must learn to live with and commune with nature in order to enjoy its many gifts. Camping enbles girls to realize the importance of keeping her environment as set by God.

The Girl Scout camping program enhances one’s consciousness and awareness of keeping the ecological balance. More importantly, campers are made to understand that they the responsibility and the privilege of taking very good care of God’s gifts and God’s creation, which means not only the environment, but themselves, as well.”

National Executive Director

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